Who Is Currently The Most Popular Singer?

Who is the oldest singer still performing?

Top 10 oldest living rock starsBill Wyman, age 75, born October 24, 1936.

Jerry Lee Lewis, age 76, born September 29, 1935.

Leonard Cohen, age 77, born September 21, 1934.

John Mayall, age 78, born November 29, 1933.

Yoko Ono, age 79, born February 18, 1933.

Bobby Bland, age 82, born January 27, 1930.

Fats Domino, age 84, born February 26, 1928..

What is the number one song of all time?

Here are the top ten:#1: “The Twist” by Chubby Checker.#2: “Smooth” by Santana (featuring Rob Thomas) (1999)#3: “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin (1959)#4: “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars) (2015)#5: “How Do I Live” by Leann Rimes (1997)More items…•

Who is the King of Pop now?

1. Justin Bieber. So here he is, the new King of Pop and the Grand Monarch of Music as well. Justin Bieber is, according to our figures, the most-streamed artist, with the second-largest social media fanbase after Taylor Swift (160 million follows across the two networks).

Here’s the list of top 10 most popular singers of 2018 so far, ranked by total album-equivalent consumption.Migos.XXXTentacion.J. Cole.Ed Sheeran.Kendrick Lamar.The Weeknd.Eminem.Taylor Swift.More items…

The Best Pop Artists Of 2019, RankedAriana Grande. 8,610 5,677. Ariana Grande (born June 26, 1993) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. … Billie Eilish. 8,727 5,349. … Khalid. 4,847 4,343. … Post Malone. 3,793 3,295. … Imagine Dragons. 4,003 3,683. … Halsey. 4,215 4,036. … Selena Gomez. 4,146 4,008. … Bruno Mars. 4,009 3,914.More items…•

Who sold most albums ever?

Check out the 50 best-selling music artists of all time by album sales:The Beatles — 183 million units.Garth Brooks — 156 million units. … Elvis Presley — 146.5 million units. … Eagles — 120 million units. … Led Zeppelin — 111.5 million units. … Billy Joel — 84.5 million units. … Michael Jackson — 84 million units. … More items…•

Who is the greatest pop artist of all time?

The Hot 100’s Top Artists of All TimeThe Beatles.Madonna.Elton John.Elvis Presley.Mariah Carey.Stevie Wonder.Janet Jackson.Michael Jackson.More items…•

Who is the best rock band in history?

The BeatlesThe Beatles are unquestionably the best and most important band in rock history, as well as the most compelling story….The Grateful Dead. … Velvet Underground. … Led Zeppelin. … Ramones. … Pink Floyd. … Bob Marley and the Wailers. … Sly and the Family Stone.

Top 10 Famous Singers In The World 2019Nicki Minaj.Taylor Swift. … Justin Bieber. … Lady Gaga. … Chris Brown. … Madonna. … Jennifer Lopez. A wonder lady with all the talent and a perfect picture for many hit dealings. … Jon Bon Jovi. He is born on 2 nd March in 1962 an American singer and a song writer. … More items…•

Who is the hottest artists right now?

About BillboardPost Malone.Ariana Grande.Billie Eilish.Khalid.Drake.Travis Scott.Ed Sheeran.Taylor Swift.More items…

Who is the number 1 singer in the world 2020?

Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican Trap King, Is the World’s Biggest Pop Star. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio was bagging groceries at a supermarket and attending college when he uploaded a song to SoundCloud in 2016 under the pseudonym Bad Bunny.

As of June 2020, Colombian singer Shakira was the most popular singer on Facebook with over 100 million fans on the social media platform. With 13 wins, Shakira also ranks among the most Latin Grammy Award-winning individuals of all time.

Who is No 1 singer in the world?

Michael Jackson is the best singer in the world. No doubt about that but people are loving Justin Bieber.

Who’s the worst singer in the world?

Florence Foster JenkinsFlorence Foster Jenkins remains, it is widely agreed, ‘the worst opera singer in the world’. But the most incredible thing of all is that she had no idea. The illusion that she was a truly great artist was maintained, thanks in no small part to her second husband St Clair Bayfield, throughout her life.

Which American singer has recorded the most songs?

Most recorded artist in music history – Asha Bhosle In 1974, the Guinness Book of Records had older sister Mangeshkar (now 87) down as recording the most songs in history – a staggering 25,000.

What is number one on Billboard right now?

The Weeknd Returns to No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, Doja Cat Hits Top 5, Post Malone Ties Top 10 Record.