Quick Answer: Who Was The First Judge Of India?

What is the highest court in the world?

The International Court of JusticeThe International Court of Justice (ICJ), sometimes known as the World Court, is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations (UN)..

How many judges are in Supreme Court?

31 judgesThere are currently 31 judges (including the Chief Justice of India) and maximum possible strength is 34. As per the Constitution of India, judges of the Supreme Court retire at age of 65.

Who is the longest serving chief justice of India?

Justice Y. V. ChandrachudJustice Y. V. Chandrachud is the longest serving Chief Justice, serving over 7 years (February 1978 – July 1985), while Kamal Narain Singh is the shortest serving, for 17 days (21 November 1991 – 12 December 1991).

What do you call a female judge?

Circuit judges are referred to as “His/Her Honour Judge N.” In writing, this title is occasionally abbreviated as “HHJ” or “HH Judge N”, but not in legal writing. district judges and tribunal judges are addressed as “Sir/Madam”.

Who is Indian judge in ICJ?

Dalveer BhandariDalveer Bhandari, an Indian Justice, was re-elected as a judge to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Which is the oldest court in India?

Calcutta High CourtThe Calcutta High Court is the oldest High Court in India. It has jurisdiction over the state of West Bengal and the Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Who is the first female chief justice of India?

Fathima BeeviFathima Beevi (born 30 April 1927) is a former judge of the Supreme Court of India.

Who was the first chief judge of India?

Sir Harilal Jekisundas KaniaKania. Sir Harilal Jekisundas Kania (3 November 1890 – 6 November 1951) was the first Chief Justice of India.

Who is Chief Justice of India?

Sharad Arvind BobdePresident Ram Nath Kovind administers the oath of office to Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde after he was appointed as the 47th Chief Justice of India (CJI) at Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi.

Who is the youngest judge in India?

Mayank Pratap SinghJaipur boy Mayank Pratap Singh, has made history by cracking the Rajasthan judicial services 2018 exam at just 21 years of age, which has set him on the path of becoming the youngest judge in the country.

What do you call a retired judge?

“A lawyer who is a retired or former judge or magistrate may use a title such as ‘justice,’ ‘judge,’ ‘magistrate,’ ‘Honorable’ or ‘Hon.

Who is president of ICJ?

president Abdulqawi Ahmed YusufICJ president Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf (Somalia) Yusuf was appointed as president of the ICJ on February 6, 2018. He was a member of the ICJ since February 6, 2009.

Who is the first woman judge in India?

This is a list of female judges of the Supreme Court of India, the highest court in the Republic of India. The list is ordered according to chronology. The first female justice in the court was Fatima Beevi appointed on 6 October 1989.

Who was the first judge of ICJ?

Nagendra SinghPersonal detailsBorn18 March 1914 Dungarpur, RajasthanDied11 December 1988 (aged 74) The Hague, NetherlandsNationalityIndian13 more rows

Who will be next Chief Justice of India?

Justice Sharad Arvind BobdePresident Ram Nath Kovind, today, signed a warrant appointing Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde as the next Chief Justice of India. Justice Bobde will take oath as CJI on November 18.

How many high courts are there in India in 2020?

25 High CourtsThere are 25 High Courts in India, three having control over more than one State. Delhi has a High Court of its own among the Union Territories. Each High Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and such other judges appointed by the President of India.

What is First Judges Case?

In the First Judges Case (1981), the apex court held (4-3) that in the appointment of a judge of the Supreme Court or the High Court, the word “consultation” in Article 124(2) and in Article 217(1) of the Constitution does not mean “concurrence”. … The 1993 verdict also gave birth to the Collegium System.

Which is the latest High Court in India?

Since the bifurcation of the state on June 2, 2014, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have had a common high court at Hyderabad, the latter’s capital city. With the creation of the new high court, the country now has 25 high courts.

Who represents India in ICJ?

Dalveer BhandariDalveer Bhandari (born 1 October 1947) is an Indian member of the International Court of Justice.

Who is the first judge in the world?

Life. Anna Chandy was born in Panavelil house in 1905 and raised in Trivandrum. She was a Syrian Christian.

Who was the first judge of high court?

Sir Barnes Peacock was the first Chief Justice of the High Court. He assumed the charge when the court was founded on 1 July 1862. Justice Romesh Chandra Mitra was the first Indian officiating Chief Justice and Justice Phani Bhushan Chakravartti was the first Indian permanent Chief Justice of the court.