Quick Answer: What Are The Two Dots On The Top Of My Samsung Phone?

Why does my TV have a bright spot on the screen?

The LCD screen is made with high-precision technology to achieve a high level of performance and picture quality.

To achieve this level of performance, the backlight setting of the TV is set to maximise the screen brightness.

This condition is normal and not a malfunction of the TV..

What is the circle symbol on my Android?

This symbol means that you have enabled the interruption mode and set it to “none.” This means that you will not receive any notifications such as calls, SMS messages, alarm tones etc. on your smartphone. … You now know what the symbol “circle with line” in the status bar of your smartphone means.

What is the black dot at the top of my Samsung phone?

You’ll see that the first option at the very top is “Hide front camera.” Toggling this on will add a black bar to the top of your device. While this effectively hides the hole-punch effect, it unfortunately looks as if there’s a thicker bezel up top.

How do I get rid of the dot on my Android?

Tap on Home Settings. You should now be in the Home settings menu. Select the Notification dots option at the top of the list. Lastly, turn off the toggle next to Allow notification dots.

Why is there a dot on my iPhone screen?

Assistive Touch, as the name suggests, is designed to make the iPhone easier to use for people who might have trouble with the touchscreen or the buttons. Once you turn it on, you’ll notice a white dot appear on the right side of your screen.

What are the two dots at the top of my Iphone?

Proximity sensor and front facing camera. The proximity sensor is used to detect when you hold the phone to your ear when on a phone call; the screen is then turned off to save battery and to prevent accidental activation of controls on the screen (e.g., turning on speakerphone, disconnecting call, etc.).

What is notification dot in Android 8?

“Notification Dots” are small, circular blobs that sit on top of your app icons. They’ll only appear when you have an unread notification — long-tap and you’ll get a quick preview in the form of speech-like bubbles.

How do you get moisture out of an LCD screen?

Remove Water in Computer Screen Use whatever is least expensive. Rice creates an ultra dry environment and absorbs water. The rice will pull away moisture and dry out your LCD screen water damage. This works for water that has entered most electronic devices.

What is the dot at the top of my phone?

At their core, Android O’s notification dots represent an expanded system for delivering notifications. As the name suggests, the feature causes a dot to appear in the upper-right corner of an app’s icon on your home screen whenever that app has a notification pending.

How do I get rid of the circle on my screen?

Removing Circle Go from your Android device Find Settings and open it. In Settings, go to Security >> Device administrators. In the Device administrators screen, uncheck the MyCircle box. This will disable the Circle Go management of your Android device being enforced by the MyCircle app.

What does green dot mean on Android?

The green dot means the contact is linked to IM chat. You’ll also see a green dot on the contact detail in your contacts app…..

What are the 3 dots at the top of my iPhone?

IF YOU USE Apple’s iMessage, then you know about the ”typing awareness indicator” — the three dots that appear on your screen to show you when someone on the other end of your text is typing. … The bubble, in fact, doesn’t always appear when someone is typing, or disappear when someone stops typing.

What is the blue dot at the top of my iPhone?

Question: Q: Blue Dot at the top of IPhone 7 The thing you’re looking at is the front facing facetime camera. The blue dot shows when the light reflects in the lens. Try this, walk into a dimly lit room, look no more dot. Now walk into a well lit room there it is again.

What are the symbols on the top of my Samsung phone?

The Android Icons ListThe Plus in a Circle Icon. This icon means that you can save on your data usage by going into the data settings on your device. … Two Horizontal Arrows Icon. … G, E and H Icons. … H+ Icon. … 4G LTE Icon. … The R Icon. … The Blank Triangle Icon. … Phone Handset Call Icon with Wi-Fi Icon.More items…•

Why is there a dot on my screen?

These black dots are basically dead pixels in the screen of your phone. Due to the edge screen, some of the pixels in your display are interrupted and they die at the moment causing these black dots on the screen of your phone. … The only way to fix these dots is to get the LCD of your phone changed.