Quick Answer: How Much Is The Love Island Villa Worth?

How much is the Love Island villa worth South Africa?


The new property is worth a reported £5.3 million, and is owned by a local South African woman.


The villa is a reported 14,531 sq ft, which is twice the size of the Spanish villa, although producers told us the actual floor space they have to play with is around the same..

Do Love Islanders get Saturday off?

Do the cast get any time off? According to Kem Cetinay, who was on the show two years ago, the reason Love Island doesn’t air on a Saturday is so that the cast can ‘get a day off’ and head to the beach.

Can they drink on Love Island UK?

Love Island is renowned for throwing a good party and while it might look like the cocktails are flowing in the villa, there is a strict alcohol policy they have to follow. … She told The Sun: “You’re allowed one or two drinks a night, either wine or beer, no spirits”.

Do they get drunk on Love Island?

“You’re allowed one or two drinks a night, either wine or beer, no spirits,” she recalled to The Sun. … “We provide our Islanders with all of the necessary precautionary measures and all alcohol consumption is strictly monitored by our production team,” they stated.

Who has made the most money from Love Island 2019?

1 Alex and Olivia Bowen – £4.4 million. … 2 Amber Gill – £2million. … 3 Dani Dyer – £1.7million. … 4 Amber Davies – £1.6million. … 5 Kem Cetinay – £1.5million. … 6 Chris Hughes – £1.4million. … 7 Kady McDermott – £1.3million. … 8 Gabby Allen – £1.3million.More items…•

Can you hire the Love Island villa?

The exact location of the Love Island villa is kept under wraps, so holidaying there might be difficult. But we do know that it’s not very far at all from the ‘secret’ second villa, Casa Amor, where the boys have traditionally been sent to meet a new bevvy of girls – and that is available to rent…

How much do you get paid on Love Island?

The stars of Love Island 2019 were paid £250 a week for appearing on the show.

Has anyone ever kept the 50k on Love Island?

Has anyone kept the prize money on Love Island? Short answer – no, it’s never happened so far. In 2015, winners Max Morley and Jess Hayes had to choose if they were in their couple for Love or Money. They both chose Love and got to split the £50,000 prize.

Does ITV own love island villa?

The villa is owned by a German millionaire who rents the building out to ITV every year. The location has been the same since 2017. Before that, filming took place in a villa located in Ses Salines.

Do Love Islanders smoke?

Love Island contestants are allowed to smoke during their time on the show but not in the villa or garden. … “Producers have provided a designated smoking area outside the villa where Islanders will be able to have a cigarette if they chose to.”

Which love Islander is a millionaire?

Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill has revealed that she’s now a millionaire, five months after the ITV series ended.

Who owns the villa on Love Island?

Who owns the Love Island villa? The villa is owned by a multi-millionaire and German businessman called Nikolaus Broschek, who is faintly related to the Queen, the MailOnline reports. Nikolaus, 77, acquired the villa in 2000 and has been lending it to ITV for three months over the summer for the past three years.

Where in Cape Town is Love Island filmed?

The Love Island contestants can be found in an affluent neighbourhood known as Eagles Nest in Cape Town, South Africa. The villa is nestled away in the hills of a secluded valley in the Constantia mountain range which forms part of Table Mountain.

How long does Casa Amor last?

Casa Amor usually lasts for around three to four days – which is enough time for Islanders to ditch their previous beau and crack on with someone new.

Can you rent Casa Amor?

Now that they’ve all departed, Casa Amor is available to rent out, and for added luxury, you can also request your own private chef and chauffeur. The four-bedroom villa can sleep up to eight people and has five bathrooms.