Quick Answer: Can I Delete My Easypaisa Account?

How can I cancel easypaisa transaction?

Following steps will help the sender in cancelling the transaction: Easypaisa user dials *786# >>> Select option No.

6 ‘my account’ >>> Select option No.

5 ‘cancel send mobile’ >>> Enter the mobile number of the receiver >>> Enter the PIN number and the transaction will be cancelled..

How can I check my EasyPaisa balance?

How can I access my Easypaisa account? Telenor subscribers can access their account by dialing *786# from their device. In addition, it can also be accessed through Easypaisa App, SMS interface (for non-Telenor users) and phone banking.

How can I delete my easypaisa account number?

How To Delete Easypaisa AccountVisit your nearest Telenor S&SC or Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank Branch with a copy your CNIC.Customer will be asked to fill out an account closing form.Meanwhile, your account can only be closed after verification from you.

What is my easypaisa account number?

To open Easypaisa account, you have to download the Easypaisa mobile app. Launch the mobile app and enter your mobile number. Enter your CNIC number, date of issuance and create a 5 digit pin code for the account. Non-Telenor sim users can also create Easypaisa account by sending your CNIC number to 0345-1113737.

How can I delete my Telenor account?

How do I delete my account?Simple please go follow below steps:In Mobile App: Go to My Account → Settings → Deactivate Account & Delete my data.In Web browser: Menu → Settings → Deactivate Account & Delete my data.Just a heads up – once we deactivate your account, all your ads will become inactive too.

Is easypaisa only for Telenor?

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s first mobile banking platform launched in 2009, is the only GSMA mobile money certified service in the country. … Easypaisa is part of Telenor Microfinance Bank and operates as a branchless banking service.

Is easypaisa International?

Through digital partners including Xpress Money (Worldwide), Valyou (Malaysia), Small World (Europe), Hello Paisa (Africa) and Rocket Remit (Australia), Easypaisa users can now receive international payments directly into their Easypaisa mobile accounts.

Which is better EasyPaisa and JazzCash?

As per Newsletter shared by State Bank of Pakistan, JazzCash is way ahead of EasyPaisa when it comes to number as well as volume of transaction. Even though the agent network of JazzCash is almost half of that the EasyPaisa have but still it is leading in numbers.

How can I claim EasyPaisa insurance?

Claim Process Share claim documents to insurance company on WhatsApp number 0347-7003737 along with your name, CNIC number and the following images: Picture of Damaged Screen with IMEI number.

How can I change my easypaisa account number?

In order to change the CNIC number linked to your account, call the Easypaisa helpline. Telenor users can call 3737 and non-Telenor users can call 042-111-003-737 from their mobile phone.

How can I manage easypaisa account?

Using Mobile Phone (SIM)Dial *786# from your phone.You will be prompted to create a five-digit PIN code.You will need to re-enter the PIN code for confirmation.Congrats! your Easypaisa account is activated. You can avail any services by dialing *786# or by visiting nearest Telenor Franchise or Easypaisa Retailer.

Can I have two easypaisa account?

Mobile account opens against a “Computerized National Identity Card” number & one person can only have one account against his/her CNIC number. Means if one person has two numbers then account will be opened only on one number against his/her CNIC#. Customer can not enjoy account’s services on more than 1 numbers.

What are the benefits of easypaisa account?

Easypaisa Mobile Account brings multiple incentives to active users. Customers who maintain Rs 1000 balance in their easypaisa account on a daily basis, will get 50 Telenor minutes absolutely free. Telenor users can subscribe for bundles or easycard at 10 percent discount or avail the Super Recharge offer.

How can I get easypaisa ATM card?

Here is howThe Debit Card can be requested from Easypaisa helpline 3737 from a Telenor number or 042-111-003737 for other networks.Call center agent will ask for your address details.Call center agent will take your consent for deduction of Card fees from your Easypaisa Mobile Account.That’s it!

How can I get money from easypaisa account?

How to receive money sent through EasypaisaGo to a nearby Easypaisa Shop.Tell your (Receiver) valid CNIC number.Provide transaction ID (received via SMS)Receive the money.

Can I open easypaisa account on other network?

Easypaisa App Now Allows All Network Users to Register for Mobile Wallet Account. With the latest version of the Easypaisa Android App, users of other mobile operators can now open and access the most popular branchless banking service that had been up till now limited to Telenor users only.

What is the limit of JazzCash account?

There is no limit on the number of transactions per month. The monthly limit for sending and receiving is Rs. 50, 000. These limits will apply separately to when a customer is sending money as well as when a customer is receiving money through a money transfer transaction.

What is the limit of easypaisa account?

Rs. 50,000With its extended monthly limits, now a (BVS verified) user can transfer upto Rs. 50,000 daily, and 80,000 monthly from their Mobile Account. Up to 15 Cash Deposits and 5 Cash Withdrawal a month can be made for free.

Can we transfer money from bank account to easypaisa?

Either you can transfer money from Bank account to EasyPaisa through ATM or through your bank Account Register App. … If You want to transfer money from Bank to EasyPaisa account through ATM then visit the nearest ATM, enter your credit card, select the transfer to bank account option and select EasyPaisa option.

What are the charges of easypaisa?

Rs. 1 daily (each unit, allowed max 5 units), Rs. 5 daily, Rs. 30 monthly (each unit, allowed max 5 units), Rs.

How can I use easypaisa account without app?

b) Without an Easypaisa app: (using mobile phone sim)First dial *786# from your phone.Then you will be asked to create a five-digit PIN code.For confirmation, you will need to re-enter the PIN code.After confirmation, your Easypaisa account will be activated.More items…•