Question: What Is The Principle Of Condenser?

How do you make a condenser?


Overall design procedureDetermine suitable types of condensers.

Determine the heat load.Select the coolant temperatures and calculate an overall logarithmic mean temperature difference.Estimate an overall coefficient from Table 1 or by prior experience using estimated individual coefficients.Calculate the area.More items….

Which type of condenser is best for AC?

Copper condensers, with grooved copper tubes/coil, epoxy (bluefin/goldfin/ocean black) coating, and inverter dual compressor make the best combination for your AC. Not only will it be durable and efficient, but also easy to clean and will cost less for maintenance.

What is the working principle of condenser?

Principle of operation A condenser is designed to transfer heat from a working fluid (e.g. water in a steam power plant) to a secondary fluid or the surrounding air. The condenser relies on the efficient heat transfer that occurs during phase changes, in this case during the condensation of a vapor into a liquid.

How do you calculate condenser capacity?

Step 4: Condenser Selection Condenser capacities (for 60 Hz) are located in Table 4. These capacities are given in MBH/°TD. Convert the THR calculated in step 2 to MBH/°F TD by dividing by 1,000 to get THR in MBH. Then divide the THR by the design TD to get MBH/°F TD.

What is difference between capacitor and condenser?

Condenser is a term used for a capacitor in the past. … Energy in capacitors is stored in the electric field, while in the case of condensers energy is stored in the electrostatic field (they work as heat capacitors). Condenser can represents a device that converts vaporous material (gas) into its fluid state.

What is condenser load?

As the condenser load increases the temperature difference between the air inlet (ambient) temperature and the condensing temperature will increase in order to reject heat at a faster rate with the same surface. This is with a constant air flow.

What is a condenser in physics?

A capacitor (originally known as a condenser) is a passive two-terminal electrical component used to store energy electrostatically in an electric field. … Instead, a capacitor stores energy in the form of an electrostatic field between its plates.

Do fans have condenser?

A Ceiling Fan without a Capacitor Suppose there is no capacitor connected in the ceiling fan motor circuit. This way both the starting and running windings are connected in parallel across the single phase AC supply voltage (120V in US & 230V in EU).

What is difference between heat exchanger and condenser?

Condenser and Heat Exchangers: A condenser is an apparatus intended to condense vapors to a liquid state from their gaseous state. … A heat exchanger works to conduct heat from a substance of higher temperature to a substance of lower temperature without phase changes.

Does condenser increase fan speed?

A higher value of capacitor does help in increasing the speed of the fan as a capacitor is basically used in a fan to create a phase difference between the currents taken by the main winding and the starting winding of single phase IM used in the higher the value of C higher is the angle between the two …

What is the function of the microscope condenser?

Condenser Lens: The purpose of the condenser lens is to focus the light onto the specimen. Condenser lenses are most useful at the highest powers (400x and above). Microscopes with a stage condenser lens render a sharper image than those with no lens (at 400x).

What type of condenser is the most efficient?

Water-cooled units are the most efficient type of condenser you can install. Among water-cooled condensers, there are three types: shell and tube, shell and coil and double tube. Most commonly, the shell and tube types are implemented. They require less power per ton of refrigeration, so they use less power.

What is condenser and its function?

The function of the condenser in a refrigeration system is to transfer heat from the refrigerant to another medium, such as air and/or water. By rejecting heat, the gaseous refrigerant condenses to liquid inside the condenser. The major types of condensers used are (1) water-cooled, (2) air-cooled, and (3) evaporative.

What are the type of condenser?

There are three types of condensers: air cooled, water cooled and evaporative.

Why condenser is used in fan?

Fan condenser is just used to create starting torque by increasing the current lead through the starting winding ,after started running of 1-phase motor we can remove capacitor even after removing the capacitor the motor will not stop and continous in running.

How many types of compressors are there?

The four most common types of air compressors you will see are: Rotary Screw Compressor. Reciprocating Air Compressor. Axial Compressor.

What is condenser capacity?

The condenser capacity is the ability of the condenser to transfer heat from the hot vapour refrigerant to the condensing medium. … The heat transfer capacity of a condenser greatly depends upon the temperature difference between the condensing medium and the vapour refrigerant.

Why fins are not used in condenser?

Because they are so delicate, AC fins whether condenser fins or evaporator fins can bend easily. With normal use air conditioner fins can also get clogged with dirt and debris.