Question: How Many Diagonals Are There In A 35 Sided Polygon?

What type of polygon has 35 diagonals?

As applied to a polygon, a diagonal is a line segment joining any two non-consecutive vertices.

Therefore, a quadrilateral has two diagonals, joining opposite pairs of vertices….Polygons.SidesDiagonals355603659437629386654 more rows.

How many diagonals does a 30 sided polygon have?


What is a 35 sided polygon called?

triacontakaipentagonExample: A 35-sided polygon is called a “triacontakaipentagon.”

What is a 1000000000 sided shape called?

megagonA megagon or 1 000 000-gon is a polygon with 1 million sides (mega-, from the Greek μέγας megas, meaning “great”).

What is a 40 sided shape called?

tetracontagonIn geometry, a tetracontagon or tessaracontagon is a forty-sided polygon or 40-gon.

How many diagonals does a regular hexagon have?

Number of Diagonals = n(n-3)/2 For example, in a hexagon, the total sides are 6. So, the total diagonals will be 6(6-3)/2 = 9.

What is the maximum number of distinct diagonals in a hexagon?

Hexagon (6 sides): n(n-3)/2 = 6(6-3)/2 = 6*3/2 = 18/2 = 9 diagonals.

How many diagonals are in a 40 sided polygon?

6840 diagonalsDoes a 40 sided polygon have 6840 diagonals? The formula employed to find the numbers of diagonals in a polygon isn ( n-3 ) /2 . 30 x 27/2 = 810/2 = 405 diagonals .

What is a 10 sided shape?

In geometry, a decagon is a ten-sided polygon or 10-gon.

What is a 100 sided shape?

hectogonIn geometry, a hectogon or hecatontagon or 100-gon is a hundred-sided polygon. The sum of all hectogon’s interior angles are 17640 degrees.

Are the diagonals of a regular hexagon equal?

What is the length of a diagonal of a regular hexagon with side length ? Explanation: Regular hexagons are comprised of six equilateral triangles; in our question, these triangles each have side length 4 (see diagram). The length of a diagonal is equal to two times the length of the side.

What is the short diagonal of a hexagon?

The short diagonal is the line between two vertices, which have a third vertex between them. Its length equals that of the height. The long diagonal is the line between two opposite vertices.

What is a 200 sided shape called?

dihectogonWhat is the name of a polygon with…?#Name of the Polygon + Geometric Drawing80 sidesoctacontagon90 sidesenneacontagon100 sideshectogon200 sidesdihectogon53 more rows

What is diagonal formula?

The formula to find the number of diagonals is n(n – 3)/2, where n is the number of sides the polygon has.

What is a 60 sided shape called?

hexacontagonIn geometry, a hexacontagon or hexecontagon or 60-gon is a sixty-sided polygon. The sum of any hexacontagon’s interior angles is 10440 degrees.

What is a 99 sided shape called?

Polygons with 21 to 99 sides have a different system. Take the prefix for the tens digit (found on the left column), the ones digit (right column below), and then stick a “kai” between them to get (tens)kai(ones)gon . The 3-digit sided polygons are named in a similar fashion. A 100-sided polygon is called a hectogon.

What is a 69 sided shape called?

Systematic polygon namesTensOnes60hexaconta-670heptaconta-780octaconta-890enneaconta-95 more rows

What is a one sided shape called?

Möbius stripIn mathematics, a Möbius strip, band, or loop (US: /ˈmoʊbiəs, ˈmeɪ-/ MOH-bee-əs, MAY-, UK: /ˈmɜːbiəs/; German: [ˈmøːbi̯ʊs]), also spelled Mobius or Moebius, is a surface with only one side (when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space) and only one boundary curve.