How Much Temperature Can Air Cooler Reduce?

Are air coolers effective?

Using portable air coolers is very cost-effective to cool your place without spending much money on electricity.

Swamp coolers cost up to 50 percent less than air conditioners that use refrigerated cooling systems.

Because the operating costs needed are only for water and electricity..

Does air cooler consume more electricity than AC?

Even if we compare electricity consumption, air coolers consume 80-90% less electricity as compared to air conditioners. In the example mentioned above, a 1.5-ton AC would consume about 1.2-1.5 units in an hour, whereas an air cooler would consume just 0.2-0.3 units in an hour.

Which type of air cooler is best for humid climate?

Top 5 best air cooler for humid and hot climate1) Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Air Cooler.2) Honeywell 300-412CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler, Fan & Humidifier.4) Hessaire Products MC18M Mobile Evaporative Cooler.5) Luma Comfort Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Fan & Humidifier.

Do air coolers cause damp?

It is a common misconception that water-cooled air conditioning systems can lead to increased damp and mould build-up. … While it is true that Cool You’s water-cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems use water for cooling, water is not pumped from room to room.

Does air cooler reduce temperature?

An evaporative air cooler works by introducing moisture into the air and lowering its temperature. The air cooler takes in dry air, moistens it with water vapour, and releases cooled air into the room. This form of cooling is cheaper and more energy-efficient than traditional refrigeration techniques.

Which type of cooler is best for room?

10 Best Air Coolers in India 2020 (Room & Desert)Bajaj Coolest Frio Air Cooler. … Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air Cooler. … Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Air Cooler. … Kenstar Cyclone-12. … Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler. … Symphony Ice Cube 27 Litre Air Cooler with i-Pure Technology. … Bajaj Icon DC2015 Air Cooler. … Other Competition.More items…

Can Air Cooler be used without water?

A cooling system may be a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. … This can cool air mistreatment a lot of less energy than refrigeration. In very dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants.

Can an air cooler cool a room?

Choose an air cooler if: You want to reduce the room temperature with 3 degrees Celsius at most. You’re looking for slightly more cooling than a fan offers. You want to humidify the space.

Can Air Cooler cause asthma?

A common asthma trigger is an exposure to dry, cold air. It can cause severe reactions in asthma. … If you live in an area in which the air is already heavy with natural humidity, and your asthma triggers are cold humid air, then the air cooler may not be your best bet, however, there are options here.

Is air cooler bad for health?

A common myth doing rounds in both the online and offline space is that Evaporative Air Coolers, or desert air coolers as they are commonly known as, are harmful for our health. It is simply not true. On the contrary, air coolers are a great choice for our home and environment.

Is air cooler better than AC?

An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. Also, air cooler doesn’t make the air overly dry like an air conditioner. Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers better quality of air for your room.

Can Air Cooler cause pneumonia?

Legionnaires’ disease is a very serious type of pneumonia caused by breathing in small droplets of water that contain bacteria called Legionella. Signs and symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease can include cough, muscle aches, fever, shortness of breath and headache.

Is air cooler safe for babies?

There’s no harm in using an AC or a cooler in your baby’s room, but, you should refrain from using both these cooling equipment for a long time at a stretch. This is because exposing your baby to colder temperature may put him at the risk of having lower body temperature, which may be harmful for his health.

How cold can an air cooler get?

Temperatures can go up to a whopping 45 degree Celsius in some parts of the country. Many of us use air coolers to battle the summer heat. They are both, cost effective and also provide a lot of comfort.

What are the disadvantages of air cooler?

In short, air coolers do not work well in high humid areas. The coastal areas have high humidity, making it not effective in high humid areas. Air coolers are very noisy. Air coolers have two components.