How Do I Claim My Free 75 TV Licence?

What’s happening about TV Licence for over 75?

If you’re 75 or over and live in a residential care home, you may be covered by an ARC (Accommodation for Residential Care) TV Licence and won’t have to pay for a licence even if you don’t receive Pension Credit.

You may also get a free licence if you live somewhere that used to have an ARC licence..

Will over 75 have to pay for TV Licence?

TV Licensing customers over 75 will remain covered by a free TV licence until 31 May 2020. Over 1.5 million households with residents aged over 75 could receive free TV Licences funded by the BBC if they receive Pension Credit. …

Does disabled pay for TV Licence?

You can get 50% off the cost of your TV licence if either: you’re registered blind or severely sight impaired. you live with someone who is registered blind or severely sight impaired.

What powers do TV Licence inspectors have?

The so-called “TV License Inspectors” are sales people employed by a private company called Capita. They have no powers at all, and if you don’t need a licence you can safely ignore any letter they send you or any random door-knocker.

Can you pay your TV Licence monthly?

You can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. If you want to pay by debit or credit card and you have more than one month remaining on your black and white licence, please call us on 0300 790 6130*.

Who needs a TV Licence UK?

You only need a TV licence if you watch or record TV as it’s being broadcast or use iPlayer – if you only use other catch-up sites, you don’t need one. A rule that came into force in September 2016 means you need a licence to legally use BBC iPlayer, even if you’re only watching catch-up TV.

How do I get my free TV Licence at 75?

Anyone aged 75 or older is entitled to a free TV Licence. It’s quick and easy to apply either online at or by calling 0300 790 6073. The free licence is not granted automatically so those who are eligible need to make sure they remember to apply and get in touch with TV Licensing directly.

Who qualifies for a free TV Licence?

You can get a free TV licence if you’re 75 or over and a discount if you’re blind or in residential care. You can also get a short-term licence if you’re 74. It’s valid until the end of the month before your 75th birthday.

How do I claim a free TV Licence?

How do I claim my TV licence discount? If you’re 75 years old and receive Pension Credit, you need to apply for a free TV licence as it’s not given out automatically. For an application form you can call TV licensing on 0300 790 6117. If you’re blind or sight-impaired, contact TV licensing.

How much will a TV Licence cost for over 75?

About 5 million people in the UK over the age of 75 are losing their automatic right to a free TV licence and many will have to pay £157.50 a year.

What’s happening with the TV Licence?

The BBC is to delay TV licence fee changes for the over-75s until August in light of the coronavirus situation. Free TV licences for up to 3.7 million people had been due to be scrapped on 1 June, but that has been put back to 1 August.

Which countries pay TV Licence?

How is TV funded around the world?World view. TV licence fees, or indirect charges to fund public TV stations, are found in about two-thirds of European countries. … FINLAND. … GERMANY. … GUERNSEY. … IRELAND. … JAPAN. … UGANDA.