Can I Wait In A Loading Bay?

What does loading only mean?

Loading bays are only for vehicles needing to load / unload, and some bays are only available for commercial vehicles.

If you park in a loading bay and are not loading / unloading you will receive a parking ticket..

What does a blue p road sign mean?

The blue square containing a white letter ‘P’ is recognisable to most as free parking with no time constraints. Parking signs may be accompanied with other signs such as those detailed below. Such signs illustrate particular classes of vehicles that are permitted to park. Motorcycle parking sign. Motor car parking sign.

Can you load and unload in a disabled bay?

A maximum of 20 minutes is allowed for loading or unloading in a disabled bay. You should avoid loading and unloading in a disabled bay as priority goes to disabled drivers.

What does this sign mean slower traffic keep right?

Slower Traffic Keep Right This sign is posted for those driving slower than the normal speed of traffic on a multilane highway. It tells the slow driver to drive in the right lane.

When can you use a loading bay?

Loading bay Loading bays should be used only where goods, by reason of their size or weight, could not be reasonably conveyed to or from premises other than by means of a vehicle.

How long can you be in a loading bay?

20 minutesLoading and unloading by commercial vehicles is permitted in designated loading bays – normally for a maximum of 20 minutes. Always check the hours that the loading bay operates on nearby signs.

How should a loading bay be marked?

Lengths of road reserved for vehicles loading and unloading are indicated by a white ‘bay’ marking with the words ‘Loading Only’ and a sign with the white on blue ‘trolley’ symbol. This sign also shows whether loading and unloading is restricted to goods vehicles and the times at which the bay can be used.

What constitutes loading in a loading bay?

Loading includes the movement of goods to and from premises, checks on the goods delivered and paperwork. Enforcement staff will not consider stopping for a chat, shopping or having a cup of tea as part of the loading and unloading process! Always check nearby signs for details of additional restrictions on loading.

Can you park in a loading bay on a bank holiday?

Bus lanes, disabled bays, bus stops, taxi ranks, doctors’ bays, diplomatic parking bays and loading bays are in force during the days and times shown on the relevant sign, even if this falls on a public or bank holiday.

What counts as loading and unloading?

Loading and unloading is defined as including activities away from the vehicle. There are also specially marked bays with broken white lines and the words “LOADING ONLY“. … Even where loading is permitted, a police officer may require the vehicle to be moved if it is causing an obstruction.

What is no loading sign?

The double yellow lines on the kerb denote no loading at any time, the single yellow line specifies that you are not allowed to load or unload at the times shown on the sign. … The sign will tell you if loading and unloading is restricted to goods vehicles and at which times the bay can be used.

Can you double park to unload?

Loading and unloading is allowed on double and single yellow lines in accordance with the local authority’s time limits, unless any other loading and unloading restriction applies (see opposite). In most London boroughs, there is a 40 minute limit for loading and unloading at the kerbside throughout the day.

When should you use parking lights at night?

When parking at night, park in the direction of the traffic. This will enable other road users to see the reflectors on the rear of your vehicle. Use your parking lights if the speed limit is over 30 mph.