• How I Made My First $3,000
    How I Made My First $3,000 (and How You Can Replicate A System To Make Even $10,000 or More)Is it possible for you as a Nigerian to be in Nigerian and be making money from abroad?I’m not just talking about money, I mean good money.What I’m going to share with you made me my first $3,000 back in 2008.Yes, back in 2008.The good news is that you can use the same strategy to make your first (or even next) $10,000.Today, I run 4 different hyper-successful companies that service clients OUTSIDE of Africa.My most successful clients is a marketing agency that services coaches, consultants and professional services providers like dentists, chiropractors, therapist, etc.So, what do we do for them?We help them get high paying clients who happily pay premium fees so that can exponentially grow their revenue while maintaining a higher level of profit.​Today, we have clients from all over the world except from Africa who pay us tens of thousands of dollars to work with us.We have experience profit, growth and are now scaling like crazy.I’ve been featured on more than 20 top-ranked US and UK based podcasts.Take a look at some of them...My clients have been featured on some of the best and topmost news publications like Forbes, FOX, CNN, and many others.My book has been bought and read by thousands of people in more than 20 countries.It’s crazy, right?Ya, it is!I can go on because I’m yet to even scratch the surface as it relates to my result.DON’T be intimidated, I will show you how to start getting clients from abroad who will pay you ‘good’ money’.Now, when I say ‘good’ money, I’m not talking of $7, $97 or even $295.Well, those are not bad money but what about $3,000 and even more?I will CONFESS to you guys today…When I got started, I took a BIG gamble.Yes, a very, very big one.I’m not sure if I should call it a risk, hence the word ‘gamble’.I told my very first mentor, Dr Sunny Ojegbase, who is the owner and publisher of complete sports that I will prefer to get int’l clients who will pay me hard currencies.It was a hard decision but I did it.All I wanted was dollars, I wasn’t even sure how to get it.Then I got my first client, a beautiful lady whose picture you are seeing.Her name is Jessica Erewort, that's her pic you see.Thank you… Read more »
  • start a business
    START A BUSINESS: WHY THE ‘PERFECT TIME’ IS AN ILLUSION (& WHAT TO DO INSTEAD) Deep down your heart, you know you want to own a multi-million naira business because it will help you have more money,give you more time and you will be able to have more freedom,right?So, what is ringing in your head?'It's not just the perfect time'Sometimes ago I was with a friend who wanted to start a new business and he was complaining about the amount of money he had and how 'the time wasn't right'.The amount of time he spent complaining about the money he had would have been enough to find some creative ways to get the money he wanted.He decided to wait for 6 months to hustle for the money he wanted, and he did wait.When the six months came, the money was still not complete.One of our mutual friends asked him to wait for another three months, he waited but it turned out that the money that person was expecting didn’t come through, and my friend’s capital was depleting because  he has already started touching some parts of the money. FREE LIVE TRAINING THAT SHOWS YOU...  ‘’How To Launch A Multi-Million Naira Online Business In 11 Months or Less Without BIG Capital…Even if you have ‘no idea’, time or ... Guaranteed! ‘ Click Here To Register for FREE,Limited Seats He eventually waited for 18months and couldn’t get the money he wanted, he decided to let that vision die like that and pursue other things.I learnt a lesson from his experience.Never wait for the perfect time, instead, perfect the time yourself.My friend gave birth to a beautiful girl some months back, I asked him 'dude, do you think this is the right time to have a baby?'Guess what he replied...'I heard there's never a perfect time'Nothing can be truer. I hear people all the time who say what they have is not enough but the truth is that, whatever you have is enough to get started.Look at the story of the Biblical David, he wanted to kill Goliath, he had nothing but stones. Naturally, if you want to kill a giant like Goliath, you would need to use grenades, machines guns or even weapons of mass destruction, not just stones.Remember Samson? He had to fight and the only thing he had was the jaw bone of an ass and it was the only thing he used.Do you know… Read more »
  • How To Grow Your Company By Atleast 306% In Few Months.
    Business Growth Playbook: How To Grow Your Company By Atleast 306% In Few Months.What do you think is the biggest question on the lips of most entrepreneurs and company founders?'how to grow my company?''How to make sales?'or is it 'how to attend the next party?'I'll tell you straight!I recently surveyed a few thousand business founders and entrepreneurs on my email list -- and guess how much their businesses generate (on average)?15 million naira per year… in that same survey, they told me their number one challenge was growth:• "Finding new clients"• "Stuck IN ONE SPOT"• "Not generating quality leads"• "Juggling growth with results"• "Not having enough leads"• "Consistent lead flow"• "Lead generation"So starting right now, I’m going to teach you how one of my playbooks of growth, one of the same playbook we’ve used to help companies generate millions of dollars in sales.I’m going to take you "behind the curtain" and show you how we built my own personal brand to 8figures in less than 3years, yes, from zero to 8 figures in less than 3 years.Completely bootstrapped(You probably know that I run one of the fastest growing marketing agencies on the continent, and we’ve helped companies in multiple industries and countries dramatically grow their revenue, plus, the fact that I run other companies aside my marketing agency, - but today I want to focus on getting you to grow your sales by atleast 300%)The strategies and techniques I’ll show you are:1. Time-tested -- I’ve been refining my marketing "playbook" for almost a decade now2. Proven to work -- I’ve shared my playbook with hundreds of founders who have built 7 and even 8 figure businessesTake Jeanie Cerud, we grew her business by 306%.​You dont get that, do you?Let me break it down to dollar value so you understand better.So, she was making about  $100,000 per year in her business,we took it to $306,000.That is additional $206K! Yes! I Want To With Johnson Emmanuel. CLICK HERE NOW! Pure revenue, money she didnt know was within her business,been left on the table.Anyway,applying only 2 (out of 8) marketing strategies in the playbook (that you’re about to learn), her company grew by 306% sales aside other revenue in the pipeline, first in his company history.Listen to what she said..."After Johnson Emmanuel is what I will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to… Read more »
  • How To Get Premium Clients
    How To Get Premium Clients, Consistently.Would you like to get premium clients, every single day?You see, if you are able to consistently get high paying clients to your business…You’ll be able to expand very fast, you will be able to pay all the bills, you'll have alot of money to play around with in the bank, and you’ll never stay awake at night thinking ‘where will my customer come from?’The big question now is, how?Let me share a story of a guy named Nnamdi with you, his story will help you understand the importance of attract high ticket clients.Few years ago, Nnamdi became one of our clients. When we met for the first time, he told me how things were tough for him. STOP!!! Check This BRAND NEW BOOK  That Shows You How To  Get Premium Clients  Anytime You Need It, CLICK HERE He painted the picture of a client he worked with that paid him far less than what he usually charges but the client begged and because he needed the money, he accepted.So, after accepting the job, the client didn’t allow him to rest. He regretted ever accepting that job, finally, he had to refund the man.It is true that people who pay the less worry you the most.Nnamdi tried hard to get ‘good clients’ but they were not forthcoming.He was lucky to get people who paid him a few huge  naira but they were not enough to keep body and soul together.So, everynight, he would stay awake thinking and sometimes even in tears ‘where will my next clients come from?’He listened to all the gurus, bought all material he could afford but right before his eyes, his business was dying.Nothing hurts a true entrepreneur like when his business is suffering and he’s unable to fix it quickly, it truly hurts.He was indebted to many people and the 2016 recession was telling heavily on him and his business.The worst part was that he wasn’t sure how to get out of the mess. He made just a little above 300,000 naira in the whole of 2016.Yes, just about 300,000 naira, which is less than $850 in the whole of 2016.Life can be very cruel sometimes especially if you don’t have the right formula.Nnamdi had so many worries, fears, doubts, pains, disappointment, heartbreaks in his business.He was getting the wrong clients, people that couldn’t even pay him high fees and he… Read more »
  • How to be successful
    How To Be Successful: The Honest Confession of a Famous Billionaire How can unknown fellow become a billionaire and extra ordinary person?How does one become successful, and get to the top in life and business?How does one go from total broke ass to being extra ordinary wealthy and famous?Let me share a quick story with you…When I was in Primary (elementary) school, I had a friend whose name was Famous but this dude wasn’t even famous in school back then.He failed all exams while in school.The last time I saw him, I almost didn’t want to identify with him because dude has gone from ‘bad’ to ‘worse’.So, what I’m I trying to say?It’s possible to be called Famous yet no one knows you.Your name doesnt matter, i know that alot people read meanings to their names.Anyway, who is this billionaire?Let me tell you something about this man.A few years ago, I was desperate for success, I was ready to do anything that was required to get to the top and then, I decided to reach out to some billionaires.The first guy I reach out to was gracious enough to grant me audience even though I was still at the start of my journey as an entrepreneur. DO YOU WANT TO CONSISTENTLY ATTRACT PREMIUM CLIENTS TO YOUR BUSINESS?                    CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR FREE I was a total nobody back then unlike now because it is much easier for me to knock on doors now than then.I asked him to tell me his major secret of success.I was expecting a magical wand.I was expecting some kind of stuff but what he told me was NOT what I expected to hear.But who is this guy?His name is Mike Adenuga, the CEO Globacom.Forbes says his networth 9.8Billion dollars.Mike Adenuga NetworthSo, he knows what he’s talking about, he’s super successful.He told me that to get to the top, to be really successful, you need to really work hard.He confessed to me that most people dont work as hard as he does and a few days ago, his son said the same thing of his dad.Check the image below.Mike Adenuga specifically said, to get to the top, you need knowledge and hardwork.Folks, this is truly what it takes to get to the top.As an entrepreneur who has attained some level of massive success, I can say for… Read more »
  • Market Penetration
    Market Penetration: How To Enter  (and DOMINATE)  A New Market Even If You’re Completely Unknown.Penetrating a new market could sometimes be very, very tough and it’s even worse…When you are competing against  ‘giants.When your market is highly competitiveWhen you are completely new and know little to nothing about the market.When your marketing budget is low.The truth is if you want to win and win big in any market, you need to penetrate that market like a pro, and if you are able to do that effectively, you will dominate that market is no time.Now, the Big quest now is, how?Great question!There are several ways to penetrate a new market, dominate and ‘stand out’ almost immediately. Our marketing agency has helped several companies completely standout and dominate new market. If You Would Like To Constantly Get Premium Clients, Dominate Your Market and Make BIG Money, CLICK HERE NOW! So, let me share two market penetration strategies you can swipe and use immediately, I mean right now.Ready?Let’s do it.Your Promises.How do you enter a new market by ‘your promises?’It’s simple.Take a look at the image below.What is that person doing?Make a promise.The person is saying…‘Look, if you buy my stuff, you’ll lose weight’.The person is simply telling the fellow folks to buy her product if they want to look very hot. The product is being product as the solution to lose weight.Right?It’s one way to go but…There’s a problem with that.I mean, there’s a BIG problem when all you do is screaming how great your product is.Consumers don’t trust brands anymore.A recent report by trinity mirror shows that consumers don’t trust 67% of brands ads and promises. So, screaming on top of your voice won't cut it.Sure, you can still make some inroads (into your market) by screaming  ‘my stuff is the best’ or by screaming ‘if you buy my stuff, you will instantly get XYZ’.However, you’ll be faced with a lot of problems.Infact, that is what ALL your competitors are doing.Your competitors are already screaming and shouting.They’re doing what I call the ‘Oshodi mentality’, which means shouting and more shouts.If you go to Oshodi bus stop (in Lagos, Nigeria) or any other major bus stop, you’d hear the bus men (conductors) screaming.You will hear a lot of noise and even more noise.You might even get lost in the noise.So, when you are screaming ‘I am the best, buy from me’, that is exactly what you will be doing… Read more »
  • How to double your business
    How to double your business, fastWarning!Whether you’re new in business or not…Whether your want to double the size of your company or not…Whether you want to double your revenue or not…Whether you want to generate more traffic or not…Listen to this carefully…Your success in business is going to be determined by the kind of people you have in your business, period.I mean, the type of clients  or customers that consistently floods into your business.It’s simple. If  you are…Working with broke clients, it’s going to be hard for you to be successful, and even if you eventually become successful, you’ll hate yourself because you wouldn’t have time for yourself, the people and things you love and many other things will suffer.LISTEN to this brutal truth...If your business is not generating high paying customers in a consistent,reliable and predictable manner, you don’t have a business but if your…Business is bringing you high paying clients daily…Life will be awesome and the business will expand fast but…If not, you and your business will be very vulnerable.Your life will be on ‘chance’, you’ll be depending on luck to grow, fast and big.You can choose to ignore this fact, or you just read this my latest book, read it cover to cover to discover how to start generating high paying clients, DOMINATE your market, Make BIG money and  exponentially grow your business beyond your wildest imagination.All the marketing  strategies and tactics you use to get low paying customers are not likely to  work when you want premium clients.Let me ask you a quick question…What do you think is the quickest, fastest and safest way to double your revenue and business?See, I’m not going to waste your time, I’m going to give you the answer immediately.If you want to double your revenue and business, just double your prices, period.So, let's say your business is currently doing N5 million naira year and you really want to double that amount this year.It’s simple, just double your price.I know most people are scared of doing that because they think they will lose customers.Some will tell you ‘but we just did that and we can’t do it again’ but there's a right way of doing it correctly without hurting anything in your business...Just keep reading!Listen, if you have a business and you are not consistently getting premium clients, you DON’T have a business.When I say premium clients, I’m talking about high paying… Read more »
  • 2019 Goals: How to Plan Your Life and Business
    2019 Goals: How to Plan Your Life and Business In 2019Most people don’t know how to plan their lives and business in a new year. Why do some people achieve some much in a year, while others achieve very little or even nothing?I strongly believe that life is all about planning-you either win or lose the battles of life on the strength of your plan.If you really want to set goals, and achieve your goals in 2019,this video might be one of the ‘few’ stuff you’ve got to watch.I covered a lot of cool stuff in the video, stuff like…Why planning your goals from January is the sure path to failure, and what you should do instead.The #1 mistakes people make when planning their life and business in a new year, how to design your life the correct way without making this silly mistake.Why I’m not a huge fan of new year’s resolutions ,andhow to set and achieve goals in life and business.''NOTE: If you want me to help you MAKE BIG MONEY in your business, click here to see my FREE letter''The mistake I made in goal planning in one of my businesses in 2016, 2017,2018 and how I’m correcting it in 2019.Listen, if you want to really grow your business,take charge of your life in 2019, you’ve to watch this video, and I recommend you do so multiple times.My #1 little known secret of 10Xing my goals every single since 2016, and how it will change your life and business in 2019.Now, what is the most important thing to you right now and how do you plan to use this technique to hit your goal. FREE DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD >> WHO IS JOHNSON EMMANUEL?  Johnson Emmanuel is one of the most sought after business growth & marketing strategists  in Africa.He is famous for creating wildly Profitable & successful  online marketing strategies that  resulted in massive customers acquisition and Rapid revenue growth for his clients... LEARN MORE (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = ''; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Johnson Emmanuel The post 2019 Goals: How to Plan Your Life and Business appeared first on Business Growth & Digital Marketing Strategist-Johnson Emmanuel. Read more »
  • 2019 Business Expansion: How to get International Clients Begging to pay you thousands (or millions) of dollars even if…
    2019 Business Expansion : How to get International Clients Begging to pay you thousands (or millions) of dollars even if you are…Would you like to expand your business to other countries and attract clients from abroad?In this day and age, having your business in the homes and offices in front of your ‘ideal’ customers anywhere in the world is just a click away.It’s super easy but definitely not simple.It is the dream of every business owner to expand their business, get high paying customers who will pay them hard currencies, now, you can do it.Today, I’m going to show you how to expand your business to other countries, get international clients who will pay you high fees, make more money even if you are… Do you want me to help you for FREE?If you would like me to personally help you expand your business, attract international clients who will pay you high fees, and i'll do it FREE... Yes! I'm InterestedClick here now, ONLY 3 Slots Now, let me say this…Most of you have been asking me how our international marketing company, Clients Attraction Int'l is able to consistently get clients who pay us thousands of dollars.Well, i'm showing you 'behind the scene'.First, i need you to see what others are saying about this 'behind the scene' when i first shared it with them.Can you see how people love this information you're about to watch?You just need to watch the video for yourself.It is all what we call the 'VF Method'.Now, you've got to watch this video very closely, the real action is what is happening behind that you may not been seeing.Don’t just look at the video alone, watch other things that seem hidden. If you don't watch the video multiple times, you may not understand what I'm doing here but it is worth it.We’ve had hundreds of people what the video and they are so grateful.Now, it’s your turn to watch this video, discover how to close international clients and have them pay you high fees so that you can quickly expand your business into other countries instead of playing ‘just local’.I can’t wait to hear from you, leave your comment below because I’m going to respond to it immediately. FREE DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD >> Derin OgunmolaFounder,  Dorothy David Consulting When it comes to marketing, Johnson Emmanuel knows his onion. His passion for marketing and business growth is infectious.… Read more »
  • 2019 Business Growth : 7 Business Trends (& Predictions) that will Make or Mar Your Business In 2019.
    2019 Business Growth Strategies: 7 Business Trends (& Predictions) that will Make or Mar Your Business In 2019.Business trends helps you predict how the outlook of a given year will be, and once you know the best business trends, you’ll be able to plan , then, growing your business will be easy, and fun.One of the major secrets of success is to move faster, and quicker than others. One Major secret of success is to move faster, and quicker than others. Tweet this statement So, while your competitions  are reacting, you are expanding your business because you had already articulated all your plans, and you're strategic.let me say this,you may agree with all these business trends (& predictions), you may not agree. The most important thing you need to do is to ensure you take note of each of them.Now, lets get to business, shall we?#1: The Economy will crashI know this will send cold shiver to the spine of a lot of people because for sometimes now,it’s not been easy with a lot of people.The truth is, this may continue in 2019. The economy will suffer.Currently (as at the time of writing this post), it is N367 to a $1 and it is even threatening to go higher.I have listened to some of the best economists, and it thus appear that reprieve will not come in 2019, no matter who wins the next election.I heard even the government is saying there should be more 'belt tightening'.Well, although this may sound like a bad news to a lot of people but you don’t have to be scared because your competitors will be in ‘panic mode’ and you can leverage on that to grow your business.Here’s what I mean…When people are in ‘panic mode’ they do the WRONG thing but if you refuse to join them, you’d be able to expand your business despite the ‘crises'.In 2016, at the heart of the economic recession, our company was able to help a company grow their business despite the recession.We simply took advantage of the ‘panic button’ of their competitions and before you could say ‘jack, their sales exploded. ...He grew my business by 306% Johnson Emmanuel is a marketing 'beast'.   He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result  J. Cerun  //… Read more »
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